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MultiSmart Pump Station Management Systems



  • Simplified waste & sewage water management
  • Easy installation, commission and integration
  • Patented set-point profiles for optimizing your pump station
  • Predictive maintenance – reduced call-outs and site visits


Commissioning a new station or changing an existing station to maximize its efficiency or cost-effectiveness is simple with the intuitive user interface. A setup wizard guides you through installation using defaults that have been thoughtfully designed. With MultiSmart, any parameter can easily be changed to make your station work just the way you need. From something as simple as changing set-points to complex alternation schemes for large pump stations, MultiSmart empowers your operational staff with complete control.

Wouldn’t it be great if your pump station ran the most efficient pump instead of following a fixed alteration? What if it could clean the well out by removing floatables on a regular basis? Or provide you with the right information for carrying out preventive maintenance? MultiSmart does all this and much more.

Multiple set-point profiles allow remote switching or on specific date/times for a variety of specific operations like spill management. Set points can be changed automatically, and the maximum number of pumps to run can be limited when switching to a generator. With hundreds of features just like these, MultiSmart dramatically reduces the complexity and hassle of controlling pump stations.


Nuisance call-outs are dramatically reduced, thanks to built-in features like pump reversal that prevents clogging and alarms that prompt preventive maintenance. Pump energy efficiency is optimized by monitoring pump voltage and amperage to calculate real power consumption. By knowing the energy used by each pump it decreases pump station electrical consumption by leveraging the use of the most efficient pump.

Built-in functionality in the MultiSmart, such as 3-phase current monitoring, helps lower control panel costs. The remote control feature reduces maintenance and frequency of site visits, while the built-in local SCADA removes the added costs of HMI hardware and software.