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About Serfilco

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SERFILCO® International Ltd is a global supplier of liquid handling equipment for chemical, surface finishing and other wet process applications.

Headquartered in Manchester, UK since its inception in 1975, SERFILCO® International Ltd has developed an enviable worldwide reputation for quality and innovation. SERFILCO® International are specialists in the design, manufacture and distribution of corrosion resistant pumps, filters, filter media and agitation systems.

The company continues to bring products to the market place that enable chemical processors to improve quality, save money, achieve operator compliance and protect the environment. With facilities in the UK, Germany, and China.

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Serfilco Filtration Systems

Filter Systems

SERFILCO Filtration Systems are compact, corrosion resistant and extremely simple to operate. A choice of construction materials allows their use with most liquids, including strong chemicals at elevated temperatures.

SERFILCO products have gained global approval for recirculation purification of most electroplating and chemical process solutions. They have proven to be a reliable workhorse for over half a century.

With numerous systems in service around the globe, you can be confident a SERFILCO Filtration System will improve the clarity of your process solutions, increase production quality, and reduce process cost.

Choose a basic filtration system with your choice of media, pump and filter chamber. Then select from a wide range of optional equipment to customize your system. Call us and we’ll help you select the perfect system for your application.

SERFILCO filters can accommodate a variety of filter media including cartridges, disks, bags, permanent media or carbon and GAC. The rugged construction features a low pressure drop for long intervals of continuous high flow and long service life.

With flow rates ranging from 500lph to 120m3/hr, surface areas up to 44m2 and a variety of options and chemically resistant materials SERFILCO have a filter for every application.

Chemical Pumps

SERFILCO is a leading global manufacturer of advanced thermoplastic chemical pumps. A choice of construction materials and innovative design means the range can be used to pump a wide array of liquids  including acids, bases, corrosive and flammable liquids, inorganic liquids, liquids with entrained gases, organic liquids, slurries, solvents, toxic liquids and viscous and volatile liquids

SERFILCO’s diverse range of products has gained global approval for recirculation and transfer of most electroplating and chemical process solutions. Through extensive use they have proven to be a reliable workhorse for over half a century.

Since 1962 SERFILCO has been providing solutions to meet the needs of chemical users and with thousands of pumps in service around the globe, you can be confident a SERFILCO pump will help you operate more reliably, economically and efficiently.

SERFILCO horizontal sealed pumps are capable of total chemical resistance both internally and externally with non-metallic construction and a choice of materials, seals and elastomers.  Totally enclosed impellers are moulded to close tolerances to allow the pumps to operate at peak efficiency across a broad range operation head/flow requirements

SERFILCO vertical pumps feature a cantilevered design which eliminates bearings and conventional pump seals resulting in a pump that can run-dry indefinitely without damage. This robust design will reliably endure the most demanding of chemical applications

SERFILCO magnetic drive pumps are seal-less and ‘leak-proof’ providing total solution containment. Their innovative efficient design, low energy consumption and chemical and temperature compatibility make them ideal handling even the most difficult applications

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serfilco SerDuctors


SERDUCTOR systems replace air and cathode rod agitation and provide solution agitation by using a pump to draw liquid from the tank and return it via an in tank manifold with eductor nozzles strategically placed and angled along the sparger pipe.

SERDUCTOR agitation amplifies pump flow to deliver 5 times the pump output at each nozzle and effectively distribute agitation to critical areas in your process tank.

The system is available in a range of materials and can be driven by your choice of vertical, magnetic drive, self-priming or mechanical seal pump.

Provides constant agitation because SERDUCTOR systems don’t clog.

The Benefits

  • Reduced heating costs
  • Reduced chemical emissions above tank
  • Better temperature control
  • Reduced brightener consumption
  • Reduced burning
  • More even distribution of metals
  • Reduced evaporation of chemicals
  • A more homogenous solution
  • Vario-Flo set up allows complete control for different parts